Office 365: How To Determine The Right Package For Your Organization?

by Megan Sproles

image001The biggest drivers of change with regards to Information Technology are new software, lower costs, ease of access and utilization, enhanced productivity, and so on. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud computing solution with significant impact on Information Technology and business systems. Indeed, Office 365 represents change. From traditional computing to robust integrated way of communication, sharing, and computing, proven benefits include lowering the cost of IT services and enabling higher user productivity.

A substantial benefit Office 365 is that Microsoft administers as well as maintains all hardware, software, backups, and network infrastructure. While it is the same Office you already know and use every day, Office 365 is powered by the cloud, allowing you to get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere using any device. A central question arises though: Which is the right package for my organization? The answer to this lies at the heart of Office 365. With three plans in the offering: Small Business, Midsize Business, and Enterprise, amidst host of valuable features, you need to ensure that the plan you opt for fits with your business setup.

Our goal is to provide you pertinent information and solutions in deciding which Office 365 subscription plan will bring the most value to your business. As a first step, selecting the right package subscription should start by identifying your business size, and matching that Microsoft Office 365 flexible packages. For instance, if you foresee having more than 25 employees in the near future, it is highly recommended to skip to the medium-scale subscription. Likewise, if you are definitive about your business size with no expansion plans, you can choose from two small business subscription packages.

Management also needs to take into consideration various organizational requirements and needs when choosing an appropriate package. Do they have a growing workforce of mobile employees, who require constant connectivity to the office? Would their organization benefit from facilitating home and remote working? Do they require basic technology infrastructure? Other issues may include costs, usability, training, etc.

Additionally, they need to consider both existing IT needs, and also those of their future workforce. The exponentially growing mobile technology is becoming increasingly popular, and employees want to be able to capitalize on innovative and sophisticated IT implements and applications on their machines. Invariably, employees are keen to explore the opportunities afforded by flexible and remote working. Measure twice, cut once – this adage explains the value of pausing and making sure you know the potential results of your decisions.

Effective planning is key! Execution and implementation follow effective planning, resulting in increased productivity as well as profitability. Based on your requirements or conducting needs assessment, our experienced certified team with proven track record has the ability to deliver optimal and cost effective solutions.

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