Are Automatic Updates Enough in Your Microsoft 365 Environment?

On a given day, there can be over 800 updates waiting to be applied to Microsoft 365. These may be security fixes that need to be applied as soon as possible. Or they may contain new features.

The rapid scope and speed of changes are where Evergreen services for M365 can help. With Evergreen services, you will gain the visibility and road mapping needed to make decisions for your business.

Microsoft 365 (M365) is Evergreen in that all of its services are always up-to-date. These updates are why M365 receives iterative, minor updates more often than fewer extensive ones.

The constantly evolving and updating nature of M365 means a tremendous reduction in the care and feeding of your environment in an attempt to patch security vulnerabilities.

On-going training required

Both users and IT staff will need training for Evergreen IT. In the past, employees needed training for significant upgrades. But with Evergreen IT, Microsoft 365 upgrades become more of a continuous process.

This means that training needs to change from once every major update to on-going. This is because M365 is constantly being improved with new features. Someone needs to stay up-to-date with the latest features and ensure that your users know how to make the most of them.

Challenges with Evergreen IT

IT can’t keep up with the latest features: There is a downside to this rapid development of Microsoft 365. If your tenant is not well managed, it can be difficult for the administrators to keep up with all of the changes. This difficulty can harm your business which is why it’s so important to make sure Microsoft 365 is well maintained.

A difficult transition: Many factors are considered in the evolution to an Evergreen IT strategy to ensure success. The transition may not be easy. The company will need to make an organizational shift to having more agile processes. This is why it’s essential to get business buy-in for the additional changes ahead of time. Our years of experience with migrations and road making allow us to guide you through that buy in.

A loss of control: Some administrators may have concerns about continuous updates and possibly loss of control over when things get rolled out. Evergreen cloud provides you with the long term view of what is coming and what actions are required by you.

Risks to asset management: From an asset management perspective devices, users, and applications, IT needs to track who is using what software, and when and where they are using it. Maintaining consistent near-time data can be difficult in this scenario. IT needs to understand what software is in use. This knowledge is vital for software with disparate data sources.

If you need help

Not every organization is the same. That’s the problem with providing patches for everyone. It’s essential to have someone keep up with which features your unique organization requires. It is not one-size-fits-all.

Whether your team has the time and expertise to keep up with, review, revise, and update Microsoft cloud with the latest innovations. The team at ACTS will review all services and features and then make recommendations to allow your business to evolve. They also keep up with current best practices.

Learn more about our Evergreen services on our Modern Workplace Managed Services page.

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