NetApp Files & The Cloud Journey

ACTS CEO James Farhat, and ACTS Senior Cloud Architect Mark Moore, were recently interviewed for a blog on “Why Azure NetApp Files Delivers Better Cloud Transformation”. Farhat discusses the value that is extracted during a company’s transformation to the cloud and how ACTS has optimized that transition in the past.

ACTS has been “front and center at some of the largest migrations and transformations happening in business today.” Says NetApp. ACTS is committed to supporting organizations wherever they are on their cloud journey, and however unique there set of challenges is. “Overcoming those road bumps is ACTS’ specialty.”

When pairing Microsoft Azure cloud with NetApp Files ACTS’ Mark Moore says, “Not even comparable to what they know now. And for customers who have never used NetApp, they don’t need any special skills to access Azure NetApp Files in the cloud. It’s a game-changer for every enterprise.” Not to mention the security features that are built in when using Azure.

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