The Promise of the Modern Workplace

In the past few years, work has changed. We no longer spend all of our time in cubicles. These days we may be working from home or on a beach somewhere.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace focuses on allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world on any device. It enables IT to know that employees have the capabilities they need to get their jobs done. At the same time, IT can know that employees are productive and secure.

What is a Modern Workplace?

A Modern Workplace gives employees freedom from traditional boundaries. It allows companies to secure their environment while at the same time giving employees the flexibility they need to work from anywhere. It is a new way of working that allows employees to use cloud-based tools and services that come together to create a more agile and integrated system that can evolve more quickly as a company grows.

Here are some things that an IT team will need to do to make this type of digital transformation a reality:

  • Migrate to the cloud for company tools and data
  • Flatten their site architecture
  • Get rid of subsites
  • Switch to modern SharePoint
  • Secure Access to cloud resources using modern AI access analytics

Once fully adopted, the Modern Workplace will help improve communication throughout your organization, streamline your business processes, allowing employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. It allows for a frictionless, integrated ecosystem and provides peace of mind. It gives your users access to everything they need from one location.

Benefits of a Modern Workplace

While being able to work from anywhere is nice, there are also benefits for the organization:

More effective meetings

Most of us have been in meetings that seem to go on forever without a clear purpose. These meetings lack clarity and at the end responsibilities are not captured and actions don’t get done. Employees are unprepared because no information was shared ahead of the meeting where participants were allowed to review it. All of these can be a waste of time and costly to an organization.

Microsoft Teams is the solution to this problem. Its meeting functionality allows for collaboration to start during the scheduling process so that people are better prepared. After the meeting, it will enable everyone on the team to know where the project stands.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace allows an organization to enhance an employee’s productivity using seamless collaboration and communication. Using Teams collaboration tools can be one of the biggest reasons to move to Microsoft’s Modern Workplace.

Be productive from anywhere

For people who travel, being able to access business applications and maintain communication is vital. The days of having to wait until they’re back in the office to catch up on all their work are no longer worthwhile. They need unimpeded access to files and other systems. Using Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint allows your employees to stay connected. This mobility is enhanced with applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint that are now compatible with both iOS and Android.

Self-service with a smile

As distributed work becomes commonplace, many organizations are now struggling with finding a way to maintain a secure and well-managed digital workplace. Using the self-service functionality of Microsoft 365, organizations can allow employees to create resources using tools they need while avoiding the need to get approval from a gatekeeper.

Using the self-service model is becoming more relevant since Microsoft Teams’ creativity improvements don’t come without administrative challenges. In a traditional IT lead provisioning model, it’s possible for IT teams to become overwhelmed with the number of requests. This feeling is especially true when the users are waiting for IT to approve the creation of groups or teams. It becomes challenging for IT to manage this at scale. Instead, IT can allow for self-service where employees are able to make the decisions about their content, and IT doesn’t have to approve and manage user requests.

The Modern Workplace has many benefits, but achieving them can be a challenge. ACTS can help you get there. To learn more, check out our Modern Workplace Managed Services.

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