Why We Love Working at ACTS

ACTS is at the forefront of tech innovation, has the coolest employees you will ever meet and a company culture that sparks growth. But in case you are still wondering: Why work at ACTS? We recently took a survey of the employees that work here to find out the top reasons they love it, this is what they said: 

1. Great People

ACTS is a vibrant, growing company where co-workers treat each other like family. There is no hidden agenda or politics, we have one goal as a team and that is: to deliver a complete solution to the client.”  

“The people at ACTS actually care about each other, doing what’s best for our clients and helping each other to reach success” 

“We have great leaders. Each with different skills, expertise and approach that make the vision a reality. They are all down to earth and approachable. It makes me excited to see what the future looks like at ACTS!”

2. Work-Life Balance 

ACTS is dedicated to giving their employees options to improve their work/life balance. Most employees can work remotely if they desire. “ 

“Family first environment. On several occasions my family has needed me, and ACTS has allowed me the ability to be available.” 

“ACTS values flexible schedules and knows that remote work is in many cases more productive than traditional “in-office” work culture.” 

 3. Innovation 

“ACTS is always at the bleeding edge of technology. Working here allows for the opportunity to work with the latest and best tech.” 

“We get the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies.” 

“Exciting technology, clients and room for continued professional growth.” 

 4. Culture/Environment 

ACTS offers a great environment with plenty of opportunity to learn and grow, just as our company is growing.” 

ACTS offers not just learning specific to your role, but also offers a learning path outside your role.” 

“Because ACTS values its people and is deeply engaged with its customers the work that ACTS drives business forward and changes the technology landscape for the better. Making the possible reality is not just a slogan, it is at the heart of what ACTS does every day.” 

“I feel valued here. Recognized for the skills I bring to the table. Some of which are outside of my traditional job description and I am getting an opportunity to further develop and use them. This is something I have looked for in a job for a very long time.” 

“So much diversity amongst the employees – age, race, genderthought etc. Refreshing to have so many types of people to work and collaborate with!”  

ACTS is a family, always striving to expose its employees to new technology and give them learning opportunities. We are a company that cares about more than budgets and deadlines, we are here to make a difference and help one another grow. If you’re interested in joining the ACTS team take a look at the positions, we have open on our careers page. 

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