Development Services

Development Services

Today’s applications are complex, labor intensive, and require scalability. These applications must be securely incorporated within the realm of disparate data sources. Enterprises want to integrate their legacy systems to seamlessly connect with external or third party systems, yet allowing them the flexibility to use a hybrid cloud strategy for collaboration and information sharing among employees. They also want to involve other organizations’ environments in a world of hybrid technology and more importantly they should be able to work on different devices and platforms. This is where ACTS Application Development team becomes your invaluable resource.
As a Microsoft Gold Application Development partner and proficiency from thousands of successful projects, we use our Business Outcome Methodology (BOM) which allows us to encounter today’s challenges and merge the right technologies and skill sets. At ACTS our primary goal is to ensure a seamless Graphical User Interface (GUI) experience for end users. Our approach based on the BOM model is to breakdown various roles and responsibilities into pieces, subsequently creating and developing applications to provide an optimal solution. As a Gold Application Development partner with multiple awards, distinctive agile development credentials, and with hundreds of successful Microsoft .NET application implementations we can help you maximize value from your applications and products. This enables us to become a real game-changer.

  • ACTS Application Development solutions focus on building enterprise applications which reflect the ever-changing work environment
  • Enhance employee productivity across various devices to support the needs of a mobile workforce
  • Secure integration with multiple information sources in real time to stay ahead in today’s linked environment
  • Maximize flexibility in deployment with deep expertise across public cloud, private cloud and traditional systems
  • Emphasize a better user experience to foster greater employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity levels
Build IT infrastructure

Take advantage of agile IT infrastructure built for your needs – or provided as hosted, managed services – to support your critical applications.

Leverage Applications

Provide your customers and employees with unique, unparalleled functionality that is simply not possible with out-of-the-box applications.

Enable Collaboration

Efficiently organize, store and share the right information with the right people at the right time by utilizing powerful SharePoint.


Gain insight into operations, customers and competitors, and deliver actionable business intelligence with context throughout your organization.​