CRM Services

CRM Services

Your business revolves around the relationships you are able to cultivate with your customers. You want to attract new customers, retain the ones you have, and grow their business with you. Customer relationship management (CRM Service) provides the insight to better understand and serve your customers, offering powerful tools that span the organization.


Empower sales teams with knowledge to run smarter and in sync


Deliver innovation through multichannel automation and analytics

Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations by giving reps the best tools


Manage projects better by ensuring teams are on the same page


Provide customers omni-channel solutions that match their preferences

Know your customers

With powerful new capabilities including behavioral and marketing analytics, Customer Relationship Management solutions enable you to easily target and segment customers, understand what they are interested in, and then engage them via the right channel at the right time with the right message.

Empower your sales, marketing and customer care teams

Your people are busy. Make sure they are focused on what’s most important – your customers. CRM consulting services makes it faster and easier for your employees to effectively serve and consistently satisfy customers. Keep your sales teams connected. Foster productive internal and external communities by enabling your people to share news, information and best practices. Use enterprise social networking and powerful file-sharing to foster team collaboration within the context of the work at hand.

Engage your customers

The way people buy has fundamentally changed. Today’s customer is constantly connected via their mobile device and plugged into social networks, while doing their own research to solve their problems. They are most of the way through the buying process before they walk through your door or call your sales team. By quickly and accurately understanding the needs and preferences of today’s new breed of customers, you can deliver personalized multichannel service that leads to satisfaction and loyalty.

ACTS is an experienced Dynamics CRM leader

ACTS is a leader in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Using our proven business-outcome methodology, we design and build solutions to fit our clients’ needs and improve their organizations’ interactions with customers at every touch point. We rapidly and cost-effectively extend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to develop applications that are customized for clients’ specific business processes.

We can help you:

  • Improve customer experiences at all touch points
  • Empower employee decision-making and productivity
  • Reduce costs and risks of CRM implementations
  • Scale to extremely large deployments with high performance

We leverage our deep experience and our long-standing relationship with Microsoft to provide end-to-end solutions. We offer flexible delivery options – either on premise or in the cloud – depending upon what works best for you.

Our Custom Relationship Management solutions span:

  • Online Services for CRM
  • CRM Implementation
  • Customer Care
  • Marketing Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • On-Demand Automation

Give us a call today, and let’s start working together to cost-effectively build an innovative CRM solution that meets your unique business requirements with a measurable, near-term return on investment.

Build IT infrastructure

Take advantage of agile IT infrastructure built for your needs – or provided as hosted, managed services – to support your critical applications.

Leverage Applications

Provide your customers and employees with unique, unparalleled functionality that is simply not possible with out-of-the-box applications.

Enable Collaboration

Efficiently organize, store and share the right information with the right people at the right time by utilizing powerful SharePoint.


Gain insight into operations, customers and competitors, and deliver actionable business intelligence with context throughout your organization.​