IT Infrastructure

​​​​​​​​​Now more than ever, high quality, robust IT is essential for achieving business success. Firms in every industry and of all sizes are increasingly reliant on a huge range of IT integration services to maximize their efficiency, productivity, flexibility, cost-effectiveness – and ultimately competitive advantage.

The challenges of today’s IT complexity
Yet achieving these objectives is easier said than done. As IT has increased in importance, it has also diversified, evolved and become incredibly complex. Many businesses will inevitably struggle to deploy, maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure strategy and services sufficiently to keep pace with their fast-developing industries.​




ACTS provides agile, efficient IT infrastructure strategy
ACTS can help you build – or provide as hosted, managed services — agile and highly efficient IT infrastructure managed services built specifically to support your most demanding, critical applications. Our ability to provide both Professional Services and the IT Infrastructure Solutions required to power them gives our clients the advantage of integrated, streamlined IT from end to end. Our infrastructure solutions and services span:  ​

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
Virtualization and Optimization
Microsoft Exchange/Lync
Microsoft System Center
IT Managed Services
Web Hosting
Cloud Computing
Disaster Recovery
Desktop Infrastructure
Messaging Transformation
Private Cloud
Microsoft Office 365

Best-practices outcome-based methodology
From strategy through design and execution of the most critical infrastructure projects, our business outcome experts utilize our business outcome methodology​ (BOM) to enable clients to build and run more effective and efficient IT infrastructures managed services – all in service to improving business results while mitigating risk. After becoming thoroughly familiar with your operations and systems, we focus on leveraging technology to:

  • Intelligently capture your relevant data with efficiency
  • Automate process based on streamlined workflows
  • Accurately deliver the right information to the right people


For us, being thorough doesn’t mean being slow. In fact, we build projects fast and without interruption to existing systems.