ShareBind integrates SharePoint with desktop software applications – ERP and CRM Packages, host-based applications, document imaging/management systems, and Microsoft Office products software.

You’ve Got Our Support

We want you to get the most from ShareBind and know that getting technical support quickly and easily is critical to your business. Toward that goal, we offer a variety of support options and packages.

Support Packages

Enhance your ShareBind investment with one of our cost-effective support packages. With ACTS’ Software Assurance, Premium Support and Platinum Support, your organization can access software patches, bug fixes, software updates, new releases, email helpdesk, live support and more.

  • ACTS Software Assurance: Provides email and live support via chat to assist with installation, configuration and technical troubleshooting.
  • ACTS Premium Support: Offers all the benefits of Software Assurance – which is required in order to purchase Premium Support – plus 24×5 technical support and higher priority service.
  • ACTS Platinum Support: Gives customers true enterprise-ready support with 24×7 technical phone, chat and email support and initial responses within four hours.

Learn more about this product!

Learn more about this product!