Analytics and BI

Transform Data into Intelligent Action

Leading companies are using data analytics to inform business strategy and create new business models that fuel growth. As data volumes continue to explode– from point-of-sale systems and e-commerce websites to social media and IoT sensors – leaders are using their data for everything from customer analytics to fraud protection and performance management.

Discover Actionable Insights with Predictive Analytics

The cloud is enabling the industry to move from traditional historical analytics that focus on past performance to forward-looking predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics. This enables organizations to:

  • Analyze massive amounts of data in real time
  • Get the insight to quickly act more intelligently
  • Improve customer and partner engagement


For example, predictive modeling helps organizations target the best customers, as well as identify dissatisfied customers, by uncovering patterns of behavior from the analysis of a variety of data sources.

Bring the Power of Data Intelligence to All Users

With a cloud-based BI platform you can empower employees to make more informed decisions with easy-to-use analytics tools that seamlessly combine existing enterprise data, external data and unstructured data. With the cloud, self-service reporting and dashboards enable everyday users to create informative data visualizations without requiring help from IT staff.

Develop Hybrid BI with Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of the best of both worlds by accessing and analyzing data either on-premises or in the cloud. Transition to the cloud at your own pace and benefit from existing investments and the flexibility of a hybrid cloud model.

  • Use an integrated platform that works with existing data and systems
  • Extend your existing BI and reporting investments to the cloud
  • Provide faster insights while maintaining governance and security
  • Share reports to mobile platforms so users make smarter decisions everywhere


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