Applications and PaaS

Build New Cloud-Native Applications with PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is driving the shift from cloud-based infrastructure to cloud-based innovation. The ability to design new applications specifically for the cloud with PaaS provides the means to increase your speed of innovation and improve business outcomes.

Reduce Costs, Improve Security and Minimize Footprint

PaaS relieves your IT staff from the burden of infrastructure and software management, patching and troubleshooting. The system software and “plug-in” services are provided and maintained by the cloud provider.

Enjoy the Most Robust, Integrated PaaS in the Industry

Azure PaaS offers services that span web and mobile application development, data services, integration and security. Azure PaaS provides scale-out capabilities and backup data replication services. Applications built with Azure PaaS can interact with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for robust identity management.

Use Azure for Modern Mobile Applications

Smartphones and tablets account for more than 80% of all computing devices purchased today. Consequently, mobile applications are a critical aspect of digital transformation and competitive differentiation.

Azure offers a highly scalable, globally available mobile application development platform that brings a rich set of capabilities to mobile developers. Developers tap into a single code-base for all devices and build apps on a unified platform with a rich portfolio of services.

Accelerate Your Application Development with ACTS

From strategy through design and execution of the most critical cloud application projects, ACTS utilizes its business outcome methodology and technical acumen to accelerate and improve application development for clients.