CTAS: Assessing the Cloud Readiness of Your Organization

Cloud-based IT is being adopted and embraced by most enterprises today, with 90% of enterprise workloads expected to run in the cloud by 2020. Hybrid cloud infrastructure enables easy migration of IT services from on-premises environments to cloud environments. This enables enterprises to run workloads where it makes the most sense, based on performance, economics and security priorities. As your organization prepares for this transition, a cloud transformation assessment is the sensible first step in developing and executing your cloud strategy.

Prepare for the Cloud Era

ACTS Cloud Transformation Assessment Service evaluates your company’s readiness for digital transformation and identifies the applications in your portfolio that will deliver the most value when moved to the cloud. The service provides a strategic roadmap for your journey to the cloud. The focus is on the possibilities for cloud transformation to deliver accretive value by improving business operations and accelerating innovation throughout your organization.


Key Benefits of CTAS

  • Understand the opportunities of cloud transformation
  • Develop enterprise-wide strategies for cloud transformation
  • Reduce the risks associated with new cloud projects
  • Empower people to understand the art of the possible with cloud


ACTS Cloud Transformation Assessment Service provides a customized assessment of your organization’s cloud transformation readiness and identifies the applications in your portfolio that will most benefit from the cloud.

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