Security Compliance Management (SCM) Solution Accelerator

Security Compliance Management (SCM) Solution Accelerator

The ACTS Solution Accelerators team has a tool ‘The Security Compliance Manager (SCM)’ that allows you to configure and manage every computer in your environment no matter what kind of network topology your organization is using.
This tool can also be integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Group Policy.
Security Compliance Manager (SCM) provides ready to use policies, permitting you to effortlessly manage configuration drift and address compliance necessities for Windows operating systems, Office applications and other various Microsoft applications.
Hence, you can then effortlessly configure Windows 8, Microsoft Office applications, Windows running Server 2012 and Internet Explorer 10 with completely supported tools. Moreover, you can also configure earlier additions of Windows Server and Microsoft Office.
ACTS Security Compliance Management (SCM) Solution Accelerator benefits you in the following ways:

  • Reference points based on Microsoft security guide suggestions – these reference points are planned to help you manage configuration drift, address compliance requirements, and decrease security threats
  • Centralized security reference points management features include a reference point collection, customization abilities, and security reference point export elasticity to speed up your organization’s capability to professionally manage the security and compliance procedure for the most extensively used Microsoft technologies
  • Import your current Group Policy to take benefit of it, or create a snapshot of a reference machine to activate your project
  • Set out your configurations to non-domain linked computers using the new GPO Pack feature
  • Take benefit of the security expertise and finest practices in the revised security guides to help decrease the greatest security threats for your organization
  • Study your configurations against previously built reference points for the newest Windows client and server operating systems

About ACTS Security Compliance Manager (SCM) Solution Accelerator

As a best practice, you should proactively plan, integrate and operate your security infrastructure. Security Compliance Manager (SCM) developed by ACTS allows for centralized security management features, a baseline portfolio, customization capabilities, and security baseline export flexibility to accelerate your organization’s ability to efficiently manage the security and compliance.
From exporting Group Policy Objects, configuring stand-alone computers, to security baseline customization, the ACTS SCM is a one stop solution for your needs.

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