CRM Performance Management Solution Accelerator

CRM Performance Management Solution Accelerator

Positive customer experiences are an increasingly important ingredient for companies to win and retain customers. The lifeblood of your Sales Performance Management framework is your CRM. After all, every bit of data that you track about your customers and prospects is in that system. You’ve meticulously set up the system, ensured that your sales force is faithfully tracking all required information, and had dashboards and reports set up for observing the metrics that are most important to you.
ACTS CRM Solution Accelerator is fully customizable to suit your specific business requirements, and can be configured and extended to broaden marketing, sales and service capabilities, thus increasing profitability of your firm.

ACTS CRM Performance Management Solution Accelerator

ACTS offers end-to-end enterprise solutions ranging from package selection to application support and maintenance.

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Upgrade Services
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Customization and Integration
  • Consulting
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Implementation

ACTS has established advanced and best methods using our proven Business Outcome Methodology (BOM), with procedures and recyclable tools which assist you in getting a quick start over your CRM capabilities. They can be modified to suit specific engagement needs. Our CRM Services have been extremely admired by some of the world’s top Associations across the Banking and Financial Services industry.

About ACTS CRM Performance Management Solution Accelerator

ACTS’ Initiative CRM practice offers various services linked to the leading packages:

  • Oracle E-Biz CRM
  • PeopleSoft
  • com
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Each accelerator may contain the following:

  • Business process workflows
  • Importable data model
  • An automated installer
  • Functional code samples
  • Documentation for operating, installing, localizing and extending the solution
  • Business Intelligence elements such as custom reports

Contact us today to create a solution specific to your company’s needs.

Build IT infrastructure

Take advantage of agile IT infrastructure built for your needs – or provided as hosted, managed services – to support your critical applications.

Leverage Applications

Provide your customers and employees with unique, unparalleled functionality that is simply not possible with out-of-the-box applications.

Enable Collaboration

Efficiently organize, store and share the right information with the right people at the right time by utilizing powerful SharePoint.


Gain insight into operations, customers and competitors, and deliver actionable business intelligence with context throughout your organization.​